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SNO-GO Ski Bikes
Tools For Success
sno-go rider's guide

Learn the basics from setting up your bike to loading the lift with this step-by-step illustrated guide.


A SNO-GO ski bike is the most exciting new way for anyone to enjoy the winter ski slopes with no prior experience. The SNO-GO is a brilliantly engineered bike-like device with three skis, a chairlift loading hook, and an extremely easy learning curve for gliding down the ski slopes. Most people master the basics in under an hour and are able to join their friends that ski or snowboard as they venture about the entire mountain.

This would be the fastest growing new winter sport if it wasn't! The best thing you can do is try it for yourself.

SNO-GO Co-founders and long time friends Chase Wagstaff and Obed Marrder created the SNO-GO in the mid 2010's with the help of engineer Kevin Scheidle.

SNO-GO ski bikes use a patented linkage technology (S.L.A.T.) to enable the greatest control and performance of any ski bike ever created.

When a rider tilts the bike by leaning on the handlebars, the skis roll onto their edge to form perfect parallel turns which allows any rider to carve within minutes of riding.

A SNO-GO ski bike is the only ski bike manufactured to meet industry standards, follow existing ski and snowboarding patterns and chairlift compliance codes. The Type III used in a SNO-GO also offers the most stability. Read more here.

Learning FAQs

You may have seen different types of ski bikes out there. Discover what makes a SNO-GO bike the easiest. Read more.

With SNO-GO's chairlift hook, riding the lifts is unbelieveably easy. Watch the tutorial video above for a quick how to.

Stopping works just like skiing. The rider tilts the skis on edge by leaning on the handlebars and uses friction to stop. SNO-GO was designed to be very intuitive for turning and stopping. Watch the video above for more info.

Most people can figure out how to ride a SNO-GO ski bike on their own within a few runs. Nonethless, first time snow sports thrill seekers are encouraged to take a lesson at a SNO-GO Ride Center through certified instructors. You can find a location near you here.


See all of the resorts that allow our equipment here.

Resort policies can vary but a SNO-GO is very capable and can handle large table tops, boxes, and rails.

A SNO-GO Ride Center has more ski bikes available than most other resorts. SNO-GO also offers more locations to rent and try a ski bike than any other brand. Search our list of Ride Centers and rental partners across the globe here.

SNO-GO ski bikes handle all terrain but powder skis are recommended when it gets deep! Check out the SNO-GO powder skis.