SNO-GO Ride Centers: The Best Place To Try Ski Biking For The First Time

SNO-GO Ride Centers: The Best Place To Try Ski Biking For The First Time

Rent and Try Ski Biking at a SNO-GO Ride Center

What is a SNO-GO Ride Center?

The best place to try ski biking for the first time is at any one of the 21 SNO-GO Ride Centers across North America. SNO-GO Ride Centers are located at different ski bike-friendly resorts that help make winter sports more accessible to everyone. These SNO-GO Ride Centers offer rentals, instruction and SNO-GO guided tour experiences from exclusively trained PSIA-AASI instructors. Not all resorts offer the same experience, but all ride centers will have at least one of these options available. 

“10/10 experience. I had so much fun and the instructor was very accommodating. We went down numerous times and the way the instructor explained how to control the ski bike had me going down the slope with ease, very quickly.”  -Nathan

ski bike descends the slopes at a ride center


Why should I try SNO-GO instead of skiing or snowboarding?

Learning how to ride a ski bike will help you advance more rapidly than learning how to ski or snowboard. Within the first hour, most people who try SNO-GO for the first time are able to take the chairlift up the mountain and cruise down blue runs. SNO-GO ski bikes get more people enjoying the mountain faster and guests have an improved overall experience. Rather than facing the challenges that come along with learning to ski or snowboard for the first time such as balance, uncomfortable boots, and stopping, a SNO-GO rider will be carving turns among their friends by the end of the first hour. Your expectations will be exceeded and at the end of the day, you're simply going to have much more fun riding a SNO-GO.  

With a streamlined rental process that is easy to navigate, enjoying a SNO-GO ski bike is as simple as putting on some comfortable snowboard boots and grabbing a SNO-GO ski bike from a slopeside locker or storage area. 

The National Ski Areas Association states that 4 out of 5 people DON’T come back to skis or a snowboard after their first time trying either sport. For those that try ski biking on a SNO-GO, that number inverts and 4 out of 5 people DO come back and ride again.

What is a SNO-GO guided tour experience?

A SNO-GO guided tour experience offered only at SNO-GO Ride Centers is a unique way to explore the mountain on a ski bike with professionally trained ski bike instructors. These tours ensure that you will maximize your dollar while covering as many trails on the slopes as your newfound skills allow. Winter Park Ski Resort is a SNO-GO Ride Center and their SNO-GO guided experience averages a fantastic 4.8/5 stars

“Definitely recommend the SNO-GO tour for anyone - skiers and non-skiers alike. We did this as a family activity and everyone had a great time. Not too hard to learn and great for those with knee or other injuries (like me).” -Cathy

Why should I go to a SNO-GO Ride Center versus another place that rents ski bikes?

Showing up to a ski mountain that isn’t set up for ski biking could present more challenges than solutions. SNO-GO Ride Centers are the only ski area destinations where resort executive staff receive a minimum of 2 days training on SNO-GOs ski bikes. If you are new to ski biking, the last thing you want is a lift attendant that doesn’t understand how your equipment works or unloads in the event of an emergency. Lift attendants, Ski Patrol, and other resort operations staff are trained at SNO-GO Ride Centers to use proper procedures to ensure rider safety with SNO-GO’s equipment.

Ski bike equipment requires its own type of maintenance separate from skis and snowboards so renting equipment should always go through SNO-GO’s authorized program. There are no other ski bike products that have been recognized by the PSIA-AASI and thus no other approved instruction available for ski bikes as provided by the same governing body that approves the progression for skiing and snowboarding. 

Overall, we highly recommend you avoid the hassle of the unknown and book your next winter trip or vacation to a SNO-GO Ride Center location.

SNOW GO Ski Bike Instructors at Jay Peak Vermont


Will I be able to convince my family and friends to go ski biking again?

Riding a SNO-GO ski bike at one of the SNO-GO Ride Centers will have you, your family and friends begging for more. The SNO-GO Ride Centers are at destination resorts where your entire family and friend group can explore the mountain together. SNO-GO ski bikes have several points of contact making them easy to learn and even adaptive-friendly resulting in getting more people on the mountain. 

Approximately 20% of SNO-GO users are people who stopped trying when it came to skiing and snowboarding. Youth and teen retention rates are 80% for ski biking and only 19% for skiing and snowboarding. Riding a SNO-GO will help you beat the winter blues for a lifetime and you will be counting down the days until you can hit the slopes again.

Friends Ski Biking Together on Snowgos


This sounds fun- I’m hooked!

It is crystal clear to us why SNO-GO Ride Centers are the best place to try ski biking for the first time and we hope it's clear to you as well! Going on a guided tour experience, taking a lesson or renting a SNO-GO ski bike will provide you with an exceptional experience on the mountain that skiing or snowboarding for the first time cannot provide.

For resorts looking to implement a ride center as an alternative winter activity, apply here. If you're someone who is feeling excited and wants to try ski biking for the first time check out the closest SNO-GO Ride Center to you.

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