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Since 2018, SNO-GO has quickly become the fastest growing new winter sport, bringing in droves of new visitors to the winter slopes. There has never been a better time for local shops to get in on the action than now.

Who is SNO-GO for?

SNO-GO offers a new vehicle for winter freedom that has never existed before on the mountain slopes. Customer types range all over but here are a few:

  • People who don't ski or snowboard but want to experience mountains.
  • Existing skiers and snowboarders seeking a new experience or something they can share with friends and family.
  • People who prefer the comfort or feeling of a bike.
  • People who have an injury or condition and need more stability than skis or snowboards allow.
  • People with a moderate to severe disability.
  • People who simply don't want to endure the jarring motions of skiing and snowboarding anymore but want to stay active in winter.
"SNO-GO has been a real game changer for my bike shop during the winter season. Sales and rentals of them have made my business more profitable year round."

-Ryan Cowling

- Kore North Bicycles

We understand pioneering a new winter sport comes with a lot of questions.

  • Where can our customers ride?
  • Are they safe?
  • How do they work on chairlifts?
  • Can I rent bikes?
  • Do you offer training?

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