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Here at Sno-Go, we understand the importance of bringing safe and intuitive equipment to the ski resorts. While the mountains are wonderful place to recreate and share memories, they can also be dangerous if adequate attention to safety is not a top priority. Sno-Go utilizes industry standards requirements and integrates these into its products for a positive experience going up the chairlift and down the slopes. For 2019, Sno-Go announces its endorsement by the PSIA-AASI being the first and only ski-bike company to be supported by the leading organization in ski and snowboard instruction and safety.

Sno-Go Safety Features

Chairlift Hook

Our chairlift hook is designed to meet industry standards for operational compliance and saftey. The Sno-Go hook is engineered to work with all ski resort chair lifts. The location and design is strategically placed so that with hardly much user effort, the bike will be swooped up by a passing lift, carried away and counterbalances so that minimal effort or strength is required to keep the bike on the lift and under the control of the rider. Sno-Go users benefit from reduced fatigue whether it be cramped lower body joints from dangling equipment or reduced arm fatigue as other ski-bikes require the manual carrying of the bike all the way up the chairlift. Lastly, the design of the bike and chairlift hook fits within the chairlift restraining bar when lowered to maximize user safety. 


In the unlikely event that you lose control of your Sno-Go, a 7 mm coil leash connects the bike to your body to prevent a runaway bike on the slopes. However, in the event of a catastrophic accident, the leash is also designed to break away to minimize injury to the rider. 


S.L.A.T. is a patented technology built and designed to move with you. Thirteen pivot points allow your Sno-Go free lateral movement while keeping parallel edge contact keeping you in control over any terrain. This system is what allows Sno-Go to be much more intuitive to most people over skiing and snowboarding. The result is a greatly reduced risk of catching a downhill edge which is commonly associated with broken collarbones and wrists as well as knee injuries. 


Knee and lower body injuries have been widely associated with skiing and snowboarding. Because a Sno-Go user is able to use their hands in addition to their feet to control the equipment, locking bindings are unnecessary. Our adjustable stomp-pad designed bindings give you the confidence and performance needed to maximize control.  


Just like skiers and snowboarders must comply, we are adamant that our participants partake in following the Skier’s Responsibility Code

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    I am deaf and I want learning Sno-Go and they will training and Rent. Also, I just wondering they will provide Interpreter teach how Sno-GO ?

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