SNO-GO Ski Bike Rentals Update

SNO-GO Ski Bike Rentals Update

Sno-Go Bikes

For the winter 2020 season, SNO-GO announced 18 resorts across the US offering SNO-GO rentals and lessons known as our Premier Partner program. This program has been extremely successful in getting more people out on the mountain and providing a unique and rewarding mountain experience.

One customer said of his experience on a SNO-GO Tour at Winter Park: 

“The SNO-GO tour was the highlight of our family vacation. Cody (Squid) is the best guide. This is our second time to do this and there will be a third and many more. Thank you Winter Park”. 

Sno-Go Bikes on Magic Carpet

One of the many points of positive feedback that we have received from users renting ski bikes is how they are so easy to ride.

One first time rider said. 

“I’m a very novice skier but within a few minutes picked up on the SNO-GOs. By the end of the tour I felt very confident.” 

We designed the SNO-GO to be a user-friendly ski bike, both when learning to ride as well as getting on the chairlift (Link to Chairlift post). We have found that a large number of SNO-GOers are able to master the basics on their first day of riding. To assist riders in learning basic techniques and getting accustomed to the ski bike, many of our Premier Partner resorts have been including a short lesson or resort “tour” with the rental.

If offering a tour or lesson is not provided at any one of our partnered resorts, then they will point our users to our tutorial video which will walk a first time user through the key tips and tricks to speed up the learning curve. This has been immensely effective for the program at many resorts as it outlines a clear progression model for SNO-GOers and is endorsed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America - American Association of Snowboard Instructors. 

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  • ramiro Barrera

    I was a very good skier but I had both my knees replaced and I am a little apprehensive about aggressively skiing I would like to try ski bikes. I am a mountain biker and it looks like it could be something I can do . Where in Washington State can try this sport? I live in Yakima where is the closest ski resort to me where I can rent and try this exciting sport?

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