5 New Action Sport Snow Activities To Try This Winter

5 New Action Sport Snow Activities To Try This Winter

While some people may enjoy snowshoeing, cross country skiing and sipping hot cocoa during the colder months, others are seeking more daring activities to blow off steam and get their adrenaline fix. Oftentimes, people go skiing or snowboarding during the winter, but if you are looking for the next best thrill and can’t wait for spring, here are 5 new action sport snow activities to try this winter.

  1. Fat Biking
  2. Snowmobiling & Snow Biking
  3. Ski Biking
  4. Snowkiting
  5. Snow Surfing & Noboarding


Fat Biking

If you mountain bike or cycle during the rest of the year, make sure to try fat biking this winter. Fat biking is an action sport winter sport that is a great way to get exercise topped off with some speed and exhilaration. With beefed up thick tires, fat bikes are made to travel through winter conditions and packed snow over uneven surfaces and challenging terrain. Fat biking is the perfect stimulating winter sport to try in the sunshine on packed down snowy trails with your friends. Mountain bikers, cyclists and other adrenaline junkies are diving into this thrill-seeking winter sport to get through the winter blues and continue to enjoy the outdoors.

Snowmobiling & Snow Biking

There’s no better way to get out in the backcountry wilderness in the winter than hopping on a snowmobile. Whip around on open fields of untouched powder out west or follow endless trails through the forests of New England.

Not only is snowmobiling a rush on its own, it can also be your mode of transportation for other action sport activities such as backcountry skiing, splitboarding or mountaineering. Make sure to have all your avalanche safety gear, bring a buddy and make smart decisions in avalanche terrain. 

Not as common as snowmobiling, snow biking is another niche winter sport that is easier to transport and will give you just as much of a rush as snowmobiling. Similar to a motocross bike with a snowmobile track on the back and a ski at the front, this action sport winter activity is the next sport to chase down. If you want to take snow biking to the next level, try out a wheelie or go off some jumps. Snow biking is similar to ripping around on a snowmobile, but they are much more maneuverable and require more balance. Try out snow biking or snowmobiling this winter and we guarantee you will be revving the engine and enjoying the ride for hours.

Ski Biking

Ski Biking on a Snowgo bike in deep powder

If you still want to hit up a mountain resort, but are looking for something different and exciting, you need to try the fastest growing new winter sport- ski biking on a SNO-GO. Ski biking or riding a SNO-GO is the new up and coming winter resort sport that outdoor enthusiasts are falling in love with. An all-terrain ski bike is similar to a mountain bike, but isn’t restricted to a trail or a single track. The entire mountain is available for creating your own tracks and carving your own lines and the ski bike learning curve is as easy as riding a bike. Check out some of the reasons why thrill-seeking cyclists and mountain bikers should stop waiting for spring and try ski biking now.

Ski biking is gaining popularity around the country and even cruising down a green run can induce a fun rush. If you feel confident on a SNO-GO ski bike and are looking for something more advanced, try launching off a jump in the terrain park, sending a steeper line through the glades or carving down more advanced terrain. If you want to rip through trees in the powder and glide down wide open groomers in a new way, grab a SNO-GO ski bike and enjoy the next action sport snow activity that is taking over the slopes.


If you are interested in taking a stab at one of the most intense action packed winter sports possible, look no further than snowkiting. Similar to kiteboarding, this action packed sport uses the power of the wind on a kite to propel you on skis or a snowboard while you glide over ice and snow. If you dabble in some of the most action sports such as base jumping, you may be interested in snowkiting off of snow covered peaks or mountain cliffs. If you want to push the boundaries of freestyle adventure, big air and speed this might be the next winter activity for you to add to your bucket list!

Snow Surfing & Noboarding

If you are a surfer, skateboarder or snowboarder and you want to challenge yourself with a new winter activity, look into snow surfing or noboarding. Also known as “powder surfing” or “powsurfing” this sport is similar to snowboarding without the bindings. Snow surfing is significantly more challenging than being strapped into a board and uses an immense amount of balance to stay upright and surf the powder. The lack of bindings on the board allows riders to bring more movement, skills and tricks transferable from surfing and skateboarding. Snow surfing and noboarding are the next action sport winter sports to try if you are looking for a bit of a challenge to improve your freestyle skills and balance this winter.

snow surfer courtesy of https://www.surfertoday.com/


There is something about all of these winter action sports that bring a certain type of people together. Not only are these activities challenging mentally and physically, but these action sport snow activities take you through some of the harshest weather conditions through the remote wilderness.

Now that you have found 5 action sport snow activities to try this winter, grab your friends, get your blood pumping and make a day out of it. Bundle up and rip around in the fresh powder with your friends away from the chaos of everyday life. Chase your dreams, live in the moment and don’t wait for the arrival of spring to try the next best thing. 

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