Spoof Video: Another Missile on the Mountain

Spoof Video: Another Missile on the Mountain

New SNO-GO Youtube Video mocks a 1985 news report dubbed “Skiers VS Snowboarders” which gained virality years later when snowboarding became mainstream.

October 9, 2023, Salt Lake City, UT SNO-GO, the global leader in ski bikes, today debuted  a spoof video during SNOW Operating's 10th Annual IMMERSION Conference that will pose the biggest question resorts should be answering now and through the next few seasons. “Should we allow SNO-GO bikes and if so, do we offer rentals or other experiences?” SNO-GO bike users are now allowed at over 230 resorts in just 8 years after their inception but SNO-GO executives and customers still face the same objections snowboarding received in the 1980’s by today's resort managers who haven’t given the community access to their slopes yet. 

As the popularity of cycling and mountain biking feeds new users into outdoor recreation, SNO-GO is ready to capture their adventurous souls in the same fashion snowboarding sprung from the surf and skate culture of the 1970’s and 80’s. Moreover, thousands of reports have shown that riding a SNO-GO takes a fraction of the time to learn compared to skiing or snowboarding and as little as two or three runs.

Casting and costumes for this video was a blast. More behind the scenes coming soon!

Ski Patroller talks about SNO-GO bikes and snowboarding

When it comes to ski resort compliance, the SNO-GO ski bike checks all of the boxes in comparison with other ski bike products resorts may have encountered in past designs. 

  • SNO-GO Equipment shares the same turning and stopping patterns as skiing and snowboarding. 
  • Leashes prevent runaway equipment
  • ANSI-compliant for chairlift loading and unloading
  • Users are able to stay in control and stop at any time
  • Equipment uses metal edges

An important feature incorporated in every SNO-GO model is SNO-GO’s patented EZ-Load™ chairlift loading system. In addition to offering riders a secure, counter-balanced way to load the SNO-GO on the chairlift, the EZ-Load™ bar makes SNO-GO the only ski bike that meets ANSI resort standards for chairlift loading.

 how a Snow go rider loads a chairlift

“One of the coolest things about SNO-GO is that it’s an incredible retention tool for those who might otherwise leave snow sports after having a hard time with skiing or snowboarding,” remarked SNO-GO Co-Founder, Chase Wagstaff. “Before we launched in 2015, we spent over seven years researching and designing the SNO-GO ski bike around a simple principle: to provide the exhilarating feeling of riding a bike in the snow. What we’ve now created is something that offers so much more: we’re delivering an ‘I can do this’ mindset and a belief that winter months can be something to look forward to.”

To find out more about these new models and where to ride SNO-GO, visit https://sno-go.us/ 

Interested in becoming a dealer or Ride Center partner? Apply here. 

Image Credit: Spencer Kofoed @spencerkofoed

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