Riding a Chairlift with a Sno-Go Bike

Riding a Chairlift with a Sno-Go Bike

Sno-Go Bikes on a chairlift

Intro to Sno-Go Bikes & Chairlifts

One of the most common questions we get from people as they first learn about SNO-GO is “How do you get on the lift with that?”. From our team here at SNO-GO, we wanted to make it as simple as possible to get our ski bike up the mountain. We have equipped our bike with an aluminum chairlift hook, bolted right onto the frame, that allows the chairlift to scoop up the SNO-GO and carry it up the mountain almost effortlessly. While this is a fairly painless process, there are a few basic steps that need to be followed to ensure optimal safety and take necessary precautions. 


Step-by-step Instructions: 

  1. Enter and proceed through the lift line using the scootering technique (one foot in binding, one foot scooting bike forward). When you enter the loading zone, place your feet firmly on the ground, outside of the rear skis while straddling the bike. Maintain a firm grip on the handlebars throughout this process. 
  2. When the chairlift approaches, sit down first keeping the bike forward and raise your feet from under the chairlift seat. 
  3. As you leave the loading platform, pull the handlebars towards your body and allow the chair to scoop underneath the SNO-GO’s chairlift hook between your legs.
  4. Once on the chair, bring the safety bar down and always maintain at least one hand on your handlebars for the duration of the ride. 
  5. To unload off the chairlift, begin by raising the safety bar up. As the off-ramp approaches, using both hands, pull the handlebars toward you to raise the front ski. 
  6. Simultaneously as the bike hits the ground, slide the bike off the chair. Hold the bike out in front of you until the bindings reveal from underneath the chair. Step one foot into the binding, stand up and kick off the ground with the other foot. Step this other foot into the binding and slide down the ramp.
  7. Clear the unloading area by stepping out of the binding with one foot and use your other foot to push forward. 


As you follow these steps, you will learn that riding up the chairlift with one of our bikes is just as easy as with skis or a snowboard, and marks the beginning of your awesome day on the mountain with a SNO-GO. 

Sno-Go bikes on a chairlift

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