Why PGA Pro Jimmy Walker Rides A SNO-GO Ski Bike

Why PGA Pro Jimmy Walker Rides A SNO-GO Ski Bike

Winter in Park City, Utah offers 9,500 acres of skiing and snowboarding bliss across the three resorts of Deer Valley, Park City, and Woodard - Park City.  Nonetheless PGA Tour Pro Jimmy Walker often found himself missing out on the fun. Jimmy married a retired ski racer and has been too fearful about injury in keeping up with his speedy wife Erin. 

Jimmy Walker and family with SNO-GO ski bike
For years, the Walkers have visited Park City, Utah for Erin to get her fix. Now, she's thrilled to be able to share her passion for snow and speed with their two young boys. Unfortunately for Jimmy, as much as he loves a good slow Saturday seasoning meat on the grill, he began missing out on the fun happening at the slopes. 

“I’ve been sitting on the sidelines too long in a world class ski family. Not anymore." - Jimmy proclaims on an Instagram post. Watch the video on Instagram

Before Jimmy discovered SNO-GO, Park City Mountain Resort was unaware of the benefits SNO-GO ski bikes could bring to the mountain. SNO-GO's executive team got on the phone with operations to allow Jimmy special permission. Turns out being a pro golfer has it's advantages. The operations team allowed Jimmy to ride and ever since, SNO-GO ski bikes have been allowed at Park City Mountain Resort. This allowance has now grown to nearly all Vail resorts for SNO-GO brand ski bikes. 

"Thank you @pcski for allowing the @snogobike on the slopes!!!! I’ve watched people struggle with starting out (skiing) and I know how hard it is to get the hang of it. This @snogobike was unreal and so intuitive. I was carving in 4 turns and never stopped. We went all over the mountain today. This was first run above. Only got better!!!” - Jimmy Walker 

"While we initially created SNO-GO as a means to have a new kind of fun in winter, we soon realized it's a whole lot more than just a fun way to get down the mountain. With SNO-GO's easy learning curve, it’s never been so easy to get the entire family on the slopes together. And that’s what we are most proud of; bringing families together. " - SNO-GO Co-founder Obed Marrder

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