Announcing Three New Ski Bike Models for 2023/24 Snow Season

Announcing Three New Ski Bike Models for 2023/24 Snow Season

New models include a revamped base edition, a brand new lightweight model, and a premium ski bike featuring components from FOX and Deity.

sno-go ski biker rides the new shift snow go down the mountain

September 26, 2023, Salt Lake City, UT SNO-GO, the global leader in ski bikes, today announced the release of three new ski bikes for the 2023/2024 snow season: an enhanced Shift model, the all-new lightweight Ripple, and the brand-new top-of-the-line Shifted. These new SNO-GO models provide the most accessible and exhilarating riding experiences for ski bike riders of all levels. Shift, Ripple, and Shifted will be available at as well as SNO-GO dealers nationwide, with shipping and availability beginning Fall 2023.

"We are beyond stoked to produce this range of new models and offer everyone from seasoned SNO-GO enthusiasts to those new to snogoing a truly better riding experience,” commented SNO-GO Marketing Director, Rob Aseltine. “Our expanded line of bikes simply allows more people to get hooked on snogoing.”

The revamped Shift model—SNO-GO’s flagship model—offers several upgrades that further enhance the rider experience. These include an all new ANSI-compliant EZ-Load™ bar and a spine guard to protect the entirety of the bike frame that comes in contact with the chairlift. Upgrades also include an improved rear chassis design built from SNO-GO’s advanced G4 line of components. This forged aluminum alloy blend increases strength and durability while also providing the most responsive and durable ski bike construction in the market.

The all-new Ripple is designed specifically for casual, lighter-weight riders looking for the most nimble SNO-GO option for cruising on groomed runs. The lightweight HyveX™ performance components and fixed stem mean that Ripple is easier for teens and smaller riders to maneuver on the mountain and far easier to carry. The Ripple also comes with the new EZ-Load™ bar and fits riders 5’- 5’10” with a weight range up to 150 lbs.

The new advanced Shifted model is designed for the performance-oriented SNO-GO rider. It offers all the improvements found in the new Shift model, but features a top-tier FOX 34 Float Factory front suspension fork, SNO-GO’s wide powder skis, and a stem, bar, and grips made by the mountain bike components experts at Deity Components. These upgrades shave two pounds off the Shift model, all while delivering a sturdy and more responsive front end. The most aggressive SNO-GO riders will now find improved handling and greater stability in everything from the tricky terrain park features to untouched gladed runs.  

An important feature incorporated in every new SNO-GO model is SNO-GO’s patent-pending EZ-Load™ chairlift loading system. In addition to offering riders a secure way to rest the SNO-GO on the chairlift, the EZ-Load™ bar makes SNO-GO the only ski bike that meets ANSI resort standards for chairlift loading. Also new is SNO-GO’s proprietary HyveX™ composite technology—a semi-crystalline polymer blend that enables SNO-GO to build with lighter parts, while maintaining strong, reliable performance. The HyveX™ composite technology debuts in EZ-Load™ and several of the new Ripple’s GL components that make up the articulating chassis and front ski mount.

Some additional improvements across all models include a redesigned tower damper that softens transitions and impacts absorbed through SNO-GO’s category defining S.L.A.T.® (Synchronized Lateral Articulation Technology) as well as a black powder coat finish for a sleeker look across all components.

“We’re now eight years into designing the best ski bike in the market here at SNO-GO, and the advancements we’ve made in our technology along with the growth we’ve experienced in our rider community every year is both humbling and inspiring, said SNO-GO Co-Founder, Obed Marrder. “We can confidently say that snogoing is now the fastest-growing winter sport in America, and that’s precisely because it’s not only easy to learn but also takes everything riders love about skiing and snowboarding and blends it with the fun of riding a mountain bike downhill.”

Unlike other variations of ski bikes, SNO-GO’s innovative three-ski design patented S.L.A.T.® technology allows riders to replicate the turning radius and stopping power of skiers and snowboarders. This means riders have more control as they learn to slide on snow and can confidently descend everything from green groomers and steep black diamonds to tight trees and terrain parks.

SNO-GO is also the only ski bike allowed at over 230 resorts across North America, the only ski bike endorsed by the PSIA-AASI, and the only bike ridden by professional instructors, athletes, and resort operators, all of which has allowed SNO-GO to gain international recognition as an easier-to-learn alternative to skiing and snowboarding.

“One of the coolest things about SNO-GO is that it’s an incredible retention tool for those who might otherwise leave snow sports after having a hard time with skiing or snowboarding,” remarked SNO-GO Co-Founder, Chase Wagstaff. “Before we launched in 2015, we spent over seven years researching and designing the SNO-GO ski bike around a simple principle: to provide the exhilarating feeling of riding a bike in the snow. What we’ve now created is something that offers so much more: we’re delivering an ‘I can do this’ mindset and a belief that winter can be something to look forward to.”

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New Product Overview

Shift - All Mountain Maverick 

  • The bike that’s pioneering the fastest growing winter sport.
    • The most intuitive snow riding experience for ski resorts.
    • EZ-Load™ Bar for secure chairlift loading, featuring HyveX™ composite technology. 
    • Spine Guard for added protection during chairlift loading.
    • Forged aluminum alloy blend within G4 components.
    • S.L.A.T.® - Synchronized Lateral Articulation Tech.
    • Tool-Less Quick Release for easy transport and storage.
    • All-mountain equipped ski; powder ski compatible.
    • Fully adjustable stem to optimize rider fit.
    • Rider Weight: 100 - 250 lbs
    • Rider Height: 5” - 6’3”
    • Terrain: Green, Blue, Black, Double Black 
    • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
    • Price: $2499 (all-mountain ski equipped); $2849 when bundled with powder skis.

    Ripple - Light Duty Cruiser

    • A lighter bike for the lighter rider (lightest bike offered).
    • Easier carrying and transporting.
    • Plush carving and control delivered by S.L.A.T.™
    • Tool-Less Quick Release for easy transport and storage.
    • EZ-Load™ Bar for secure chairlift loading, featuring HyveX™ composite technology. 
    • Spine Guard for added protection during chairlift loading.
    • All-mountain equipped skis; not approved for powder skis.
    • Rider Weight: 90-150 lbs; max rider weight is 150 lbs.
    • Rider Height: 5” - 5’10”
    • Terrain: Green, Blue, Blue/Black
    • Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Price: $1999

    Shifted - Full Throttle Freerider

      • The performance-driven evolution of the best-selling SNO-GO Shift. 
      • Top-tier Fox 34 Float Factory front suspension fork. 
      • Deity fixed cockpit (bar, stem, grips) for precision handling and control.
      • EZ-Load™ Bar for secure chairlift loading, featuring HyveX™ composite technology. 
      • Spine Guard for added protection from the chairlift.
      • Forged aluminum alloy blend within G4 chassis components.
      • S.L.A.T.® - Synchronized Lateral Articulation Tech.
      • Tool-Less Quick Release for easy transport and storage. 
  • Customizable build with Powder skis or All-mountain skis.
    • Rider Weight: 100 - 250 lbs
    • Rider Height (50 mm rise on bar): 5” - 5’6”
    • Rider Height (80 mm rise on bar): 5’6” - 6’3”
    • Terrain: Blue, Black, Double Black
    • Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
    • Price: $3599 (powder ski equipped); $3399 (all-mountain ski equipped)


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