What SNO-GO’s new ownership means for the future of the Company.

To Our Customers, 

SNO-GO is proud to announce the acquisition by SNOW Partners to their family of companies with controlling interest in our future operations.  SNOW Partners is a world-renowned authority in the ski resort industry established to improve guest experiences with its award-winning SNOW Operating Conversion & Growth™ Program implemented at dozens of resorts across the globe. SNOW Partners also owns and operates Mountain Creek Resort and Big SNOW American Dream, as well as SnowCloud™ which offers cloud-based resort management enterprise software. With this acquisition, SNO-GO became the product branch of the company to help scale their vision of increasing conversion of new participants into snow sports. 

With this acquisition, we will continue to manage and run SNO-GO with the amazing team we have built while tapping into the resources of SNOW Partners' and their team’s expertise. This will allow us to accelerate our mission of providing an alternative door to winter adventure anyone can access and provide an even better experience for our customers. We can now plan on team expansion, improved back-end systems, increased resort allowance, expanding the Ride Center™ program, and most importantly, continue to grow our community through customer-facing events & competitions as well as continue exciting product developments. 

The support we have received from our community has been overwhelmingly positive since our original Kickstarter campaign and we recognize that we wouldn't be here today without your enthusiasm, loyalty and devotion to our cause. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will continue to lead this company into the future and couldn’t be more excited to have the team at SNOW Partners backing our mission. We think you should be excited too. 

Thank you, 

Obed Marrder and Chase Wagstaff

SNO-GO CO-founders


  • Gary MULDER

    Now get the Wisconsin resorts ( Devils Head, Cascade Mtn) on board.

  • Vako

    I will try my best.

  • Anthony J Rignola Iii

    This is WONDERFUL news!! So happy for SNOGO! I really want to be a certified instructor! I’ve already filled out the form. I look forward to hearing back from y’all!! IG:@ajr_three

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