The below is an excerpt from SimpleMost's article on Sno-Go Bikes. You can read the entire article here


Even if you’re not exactly a snow bunny, 2018 may have turned you into one by now. The new year brought lots of snow and cold weather to even the most unlikely of areas—there was snowfall in Florida, you guys! Wondering how to make the most of the weather? What about skiing? Hate to ski? That’s fine. What about using a ski bike instead?

The Sno-Go bike makes it possible for even the most uncoordinated to ski down the side of a mountain. It’s not exactly a new product but, like we said, 2018 brought out the snow lover in us all. This particular version first launched on Kickstarter in 2015, and it exceeded its goal of raising $32,000, thanks to the help of 102 generous backers.