KUTV - Inside The Story

KUTV - Inside The Story

The below is an excerpt from KUTV on SNO-GO Bikes. You can read the entire article here. 

Ski bikes on chairlift Brighton Resort KUTV News

2News introduced viewers to the high-tech ski bike about a year and a half ago but this is the first season that people can now rent or buy a SNO-GO -- basically a bike on skis.

"The market research shows that the industry is poised for change and there's a really big need for something like this," said Obed Marrder, one of SNO-GO's creators.

The creators started making the bikes in a home garage. Now, the team has produced 150 bikes and are showcasing them at a wide variety of places, including Brighton Ski Resort. The ski bikes are designed to easily get on a chair lift. And they're supposed to be easy for riders to use, too.

"We are overwhelmed with the response we are getting," said Chase Wagstaff, one of the creators. "It's a world-wide response."


Ski bikes in a ski shop

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