White Dirt

We thought we would start the day early but Nicholi and Reed had a little bit of stoke hangover from ripping laps at the local Ist. Dirt Jump park the day before we filmed. The team assembled at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon to kick things off and add a little context to the film as they would drive up the canyon, bikes slung over the back of a tailgate. It was just like any other spring riding day. 

The boys had gotten a few days to test out the Sno-Gos prior to shooting the film. They lapped the terrain park and hammered turns through the trees on every lap. I remember Nicholi saying, “Oh dude, the trees. The trees are the best., hands down. Going through the trees in the gullies are wicked fun.”  When he said this, a light bulb went off and I really wanted to capture this experience much like you see in downhill bike edits as shot from a cable camera with trees whizzing by. I thought it would really provide the context and reality of how hard the guys are ripping these bikes and it would really show people what they are capable of. 

To push the bikes to the max, the guys had to build some confidence with tricks they usually throw on mountain bikes. When they found a good mound for a step up jump, they added a little lip and started kicking the bikes around. Whips, bar-spins, and Sui-No handers were dialed within the first few attempts. It was pretty crazy seeing these tricks go down for the first time on a Sno-Go with such ease. We worked our way over to a bigger jump after the morning sun softened up the crusty snow. We had several jumps built out the day before so the guys could try spins and flips. Ultimately the backflip ended up being a more realistic feat off the biggest jump so Reed and Nicholi just started lapping it stomping backy after backy. They were having so much fun and we were getting so many angles shooting, they decided to push the 360s off to another day. That’s fine with me. I can’t wait to see what happens this season. I really think they will inspire others to ride skibikes and push the sport into mainstream snow sports.