Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers

What is the learning curve like?

Arguably one of the best parts about SNO-GO is how easy it is to learn. Most people pick it up within a few runs.

Do ski resorts allow ski bikes?

Currently, over 200 resorts in north america allow Ski-bikes. And due to increasing demand, more and more resorts each allow them each year but please check and make sure your desired mountain allows them before purchasing. For more information on specific resorts, here are a few links containing lists of resorts that do allow them.  These are not exhausted lists so if you don’t find your mountain, we recommend calling your desired hills and verifying the allowance.




What kind of boots are recommended while riding?

It is important to wear boots that offer support and thick rubber soles. We recommend wearing snowboarding boots.

How do you stop?

The mechanics of riding SNOGO are very similar to skiing. Stopping is done by transferring your weight to one side and carving a hard edge.

What is the leash for?

The safety leash is a requirement by all resorts to prevent any potential runaway bikes.

Can you sit on the chairlift hook?

The chairlift hook was not designed to act a seat while you riding, but it can be a great place to rest if you are stuck in a long line or waiting for your buddies to strap their snowboards.