Easy to Learn

Sno-Go is the perfect choice for all-mountain access whether you're new to snow-sports or just interested in changing things up from skiing or snowboarding. Through our S.L.A.T. system, we captured an intuitive bike-riding motion and paired it with a new ski technology designed to perform in all types of snow conditions. Arguably one of the best parts about SNO-GO is how easy it is to learn. Most people pick it up within a few runs and are riding the chairlift for the rest of the day.

For 2019, Sno-Go announces its endorsement by the Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) being the first and only ski-bike company to be supported by the leading organization in ski and snowboard instruction and safety. Coming soon: Online Learning Modules for learning how to Sno-Go!

Learn more about our collaboration with the PSIA-AASI

Enough of us telling you how easy it is, just listen to what these people have to say. 

Easy To Learn

It's Never Too Late




Now it’s everyone’s turn to enjoy the slopes this winter. Don’t let anyone sit behind in the lodge. Click here to find resorts where you can try a Sno-Go this winter.